Want to convert your old compact disks into MP3 files? Then use a third party software like the Fast MP3 YouTube Downloader. This converter will rip the compressed data from your compact disks and save it into a high quality MP3 format that can be played back using any compatible player. You can even use this converted data as part of your internet radio station by saving it as an mp3. It is also possible to get the converted data as an audio podcast.

The Fast MP3 YouTube Downloader has several features including the ability to make playlists, scrub through the songs to find the best one for you, and even the ability to make a recording of your own and play it back on your mp3 player. Import both the mp3 file and the original picture into any video editing software. Drag and drop both the mp3 files and the image onto the audio track for the mp3, and then onto the video track for the YouTube. Open the mp3 YouTube download and begin the conversion.

There are a couple of disadvantages that I was not able to find, but I will look at these in my next article. The main disadvantage of converting the mp3 into a YouTube, or audio podcast, is that many people will not want to have their videos and podcasts delivered to them over the internet. Although it is easy to transfer the converted files from your computer to your mobile device or over airwaves using such services as Yahoo or Skype. The drawback of using converted data in place of the original can be that the quality will probably be much lower than it would be if you had just used the proper resources to convert the data yourself. I hope that this article helps you decide if the Fast MP3 YouTube Downloader is right for you.